Carpentry and Artistic

I have had a broad and expansive varied working life, and so feel fit to provide you with the very best advice in terms of your individual needs and affordability using reclaimed and recycled or new materials. I like upcycling things and can see a useful thing where others may not.

As client I would encourage you to source images and magazine cuttings of work and materials you may like and wish me to duplicate.

My portfolio contains individual pieces with their sizes, but I can make similar to any size that suits you and your budget.

I do not see a distinction between the artistic and the practical: I can fit for you an off-the-shelf new kitchen, hang doors or build a loft conversion as comfortably as sit at my workbench making a round chocolate spice box or a new light sculpture.

I may one week be employed by builders on a regular construction site, and the next week I may find myself in your home discussing potential fitted wardrobes space.

I enjoy the variety and the job.

I welcome your enquires.